The main draw card with a unit like the GL35R GENI Thermal sight is multi function abilities, keeping your pack light and pockets free of extra things we all like to accumulate; range finders, hand held thermals or binos, etc. When you pick up the Geni and get it into your pocket you can leave the rest behind safe in the knowledge that you have all that and more in the one unit.       

The GL35R is a tidy compact model that gives you access to a number or features in the palm of your hand. First and foremost it is a thermal sight so as expected gives you four standard options for colour pallets, White hot, black hot, red hot and color. Accuracy is no issue with the built-in laser range-finding module (LRF) giving you ±1 m accuracy up to 1km and up to 8 options of reticles. So when you combine all available colour pallets and reticle options you are spoilt for choice in any number of configurations so are bound to find one to suit your particular needs.

The tech contained within this unit has been developed with purpose to ensure the Geni can deliver. Kicking off with the 12μm detector with 384×288 resolution to push the clarity on the 1024×768 OLED display to give you sharp and well defined edges on whatever your game. 

What's tech these days if it's not connected to your phone! On the fly WiFi image transmission means you can hook the Geni up to your phone/tablet or computer and review your images. If the phone isn't handy the unit has 32GB internal memory to store video and images for review on the go or to download them onto your phone/tablet or computer when you're done for the day. On that you can expect the Geni to run for around 7 hours of continued use so the typical user will see a full day's work out of the unit.

In closing the GL35R GENI Thermal sight will find a welcome place in your kit and will never be far from your reach no matter what your pursuit may be.

The full rundown on the GL35R GENI Thermal sight can be found at HERE where you can pick one up or find a store where you can test one out for yourself.