InfiRay MAL-25 Clip On

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Precision meets portability. The Mate series has a magnesium alloy housing reducing the weight by 50% and improving practical functions. Includes removable buttons, LRF, and monocular extension. It is the ideal mate for those who want compact size and great value.


  • 1024 x 768 OLED Display
  • Frame Rate 50Hz
  • Objective Lens 25mm
  • Field of View 10.6°×7.9°/ 18.4°×13.8°
  • ×1/×2/×4 E Zoom: Monocular Mode
  • 348 x 288 Detector Resolution
  • 1298m Detection Range
  • 5 + 7.5 hours Max Operating Time
  • Dimensions: 132 x 62 x 68mm
  • Weight: 460g
Detector Resolution 348 x 288
Display 1024 x 768 OLED
Detection Range 1298m
Magnification ×1/×2/×4 E Zoom: Monocular Mode
Objective Lens 25mm
Pixel Pitch 12μm
Frame Rate 50Hz
Field of View 10.6°×7.9°/ 18.4°×13.8°
NETD ≤30mk
Weight 460g
Dimensions 132 x 62 x 68mm
Max Battery life 5 + 7.5 hours
Built-in memory 32GB
Adapter Ring M25 x 0.75

Meet Mate Series

MATE creates a spot where precision meets portability. The magnesium alloy housing reduces the weight by 50% and improves the precision. MATE supports practical functions, including removable buttons, LRF, and monocular extension. It is the ideal mate for users who want a compact size and great value.


MAH50/MAL38 can meet the high-precision requirement of "POI=1MOA" even by matching it with high-caliber rifles.

Lightweight & Compact Size

The weights are over 20% lighter than other similar products. It is also more compact than our previous clip-on.

Powerful Detector

MAH50 features a high-performance 640*512, 12μm detector with NETD less than 25mk. MAL38/ MAL25 provides cost-effective choices without major compromises in image quality.


A high-quality optical imaging system offers a distortion-free image even when used with a 10 times daytime scope.

Sense-based Algorithms

The algorithms improve image quality by setting suitable preset parameters based on different environments, forests, plains, and citys.

Removable Buttons

The buttons can be moved and installed in any position on your rifle. This allows hunters to control the device easily even when their focus is on the target. The remote control is supported by an ultra-low power consumption solution and can attach magnetically for automatic charging.

Power Bank in Box

Mate Series add a power bank as a complementary accessory. It can prolong the battery life for approximately another 7 hours.

LRF Extension

LRF can be equipped as an optional accessory. In addition to facilitating accuracy, the LRF extension can work as a power bank to prolong the 4-hour battery life for MATE.

Monocular Extension

MAH50 will function as a thermal imaging monocular when used with the IOM accessory. The IOM can also be used as an optic scope independently.