InfiRay Tube V1/V2 LRF Attachment

Introducing the Infiray Tube V1/V2 Laser Range Finder Attachment (LRF)

With its advanced laser technology, the Infiray Tube V1/V2 LRF provides precise distance measurements up to 1,000 meters, making it ideal for long-range shots and accurate club selection.

This range finder is built to withstand any harsh outdoor conditions with its rugged and durable design. Its lightweight and compact body quickly attaches to your InfiRay Tube V1/V2 thermal sight and connects via its inbuilt bluetooth module.

The Infiray Tube V1/V2 LRF also features multiple scanning modes, including Continuous Scan, which provides real-time distance readings while scanning across the terrain.

Additionally, the device's intuitive interface and simple button layout make it easy to use for both beginners and experienced users alike.

Don't settle for guesswork in your outdoor activities - upgrade to the Infiray Tube V1/V2 Laser Range Finder and experience accuracy like never before.

TypeWireless Bluetooth Rangefinder
Measuring Range, m10 ∼ 1200
Accuracy, m±1, (10-100 m)
±(1 + L x 0.25%), (100 < L < 600 m, L being the target distance)
Laser Wavelength, nm900 ∼ 908 (Eye-safe)
Laser Pointer, nm650
Battery ParametersOne replaceable CR123 / 3.7V / 4h
IP RatingIP67
Dimensions, mm95 x 92 x 85
Weight, g< 170g (w/o battery)

  1. Bluetooth laser rangfinder module
  2. Laser indicator
  3. Laser receive port
  4. Laser launch port
  5. Quick release fixture
  6. Battery compartment cover
  7. Power button
  8. LED indicator