Infiray Thermal Imaging Riflescope RICO2 Series- RH50R

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Built upon the original RICO Mk1 series, the RH50R was designed with an integrated 1,200-yard capable rangefinder, a 60 Hz refresh rate, and increased sensitivity to an impressive µ20 mK. The RH50R features a high-performance 12 µm Micro II core, a 1750-yard detection range, and an ultra-high-contrast 2560×2560 AMOLED HD display for an unparalleled viewing experience. The RH50R takes its image processing one step further with Advanced Image Correction and Automatic Image Optimization courtesy of its MATRIX III processor. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface combines with a picture-in-picture function, 5+ hour run-time, magnesium housing, 1000 G/s2 shock-resistance, and 32 GB of internal memory. The RH50R also unlocks advanced features such as a rotating zoom lever, magnetic charging port, and recoil activated video.


Detector SpecificationsResolution640x512
Pixel size12μm
Frame rate60hz
Optical SpecificationsObjective Lens50mm
F number1
Field of View8.8x7.0
Linear Field of View(H×V),m at 100m12.2x15.4
Eye Relief60mm
Exit pupil diameter23mm
Detection Range2597m
DisPlay SpecificationstypeOLED
BatteryBatteryReplaceable battery/4400mah
Max.operating Time5.5h
External Power Supply5V (Type C)
Physical SpecificationsWIFI/APPSupport (InfiRay outdoor)
Photo/Video RecorderSupport 
Operating Tempeture,℃-20~50
IP ratingIP67
Ranging distance1200m
Memory Capacity32G
Body MaterialMagnesium Alloy
Max. recoil power on rifled weapon (Eo), Joules6000
Unmatched Thermal Image Quality   Equipped with a state-of-the-art 640 sensor and an impressive NETD of less than 20mK, the RH50R redefines clarity in thermal imaging. Every detail is brought to life, ensuring a sharper, more discerning vision in various conditions. 画板 1.png 1,200m Built-in Laser Rangefiner With RH50R's integrated 1,200m rangefinder. No more guesswork – just pinpoint accuracy at your fingertips. Reach new horizons with the RH50R's extended detection range of up to 2597 meters. This remarkable capability is achieved through the integration of the F50/1.0 objective lens and cutting-edge thermal sensor technology. Unleash unparalleled clarity and precision in surveillance, redefining your capabilities across diverse environments. RH50R - Elevating precision to extraordinary distances. 画板 2.png Dynamic Control with Rotating Zoom Lever     The RICO2 offers upgraded dynamic zoom control with an LPVO style zoom lever. Instead of a button, you can adjust the zoom from 3x to 12x in increments of .1 to capture every detail in any scenario with ease. 画板 3.png   2560×2560 AMOLED Display Immerse yourself in visual excellence with the RH50R's 2560×2560 AMOLED Display with 60Hz refresh rate. Every pixel comes to life on this high-resolution, circular screen, delivering vibrant and crystal-clear imagery. 画板 4.png   Amazing Features PIP |Magnetic charging port | Recoil Activated Video | Audio |32GB | Ballistic Caculation 画板 5.png