- Introducing -


Blending AI algorithms with thermal imaging can unlock realistic thermal images like never before, this is Reality + Technology.

InfiRay’s Reality + Technology extracts partial features across multiple frames and then re-fuses them together, improving dynamic
range and resolution for more realistic, smoother, vivid detail. By combining high sensitivity with high resolution, Reality+ technology
provides a unique opportunity to view thermal images in unprecedented detail opening new possibilities for exploration.

Infiray R+ Technology:
Distinguishes noise from detail, allowing you to see more clearly and realistically
• Supplements details with enhanced edges and lines, offering you smoother visual perception
• Provides a significantly higher level of detail compared to previous thermal imaging technologies, which is essential for accurate
target identification and detection
• Utilises image enhancement algorithms to effectively improve image quality and remove noise, releasing the full potential of the
thermal sensor
• Increases the sensitivity of the system by capturing the smallest temperature differences, detecting smaller objects and subtle
changes in temperature that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.