Infiray FH35R V2 LRF Monocular

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The Finder V2 takes a big leap in image quality and user experience. The thermal sensor has higher sensitivity and the objective lens is equipped with a bigger aperture. Together with inherited features, Finder V2 fits perfectly for the professional hunter, who demands excellent performance and ultra-portable design.

Detector Resolution 640 x 512
Display 1024 x 768 OLED
Detection Range 1800m
Magnification 2~8x Optical Magnification
Objective Lens 35mm/F0.9
Pixel Pitch 12μm
Diopter -5 ~+5D
Frame Rate 50Hz
Field of View 10.5x7.9
NETD ≤20mk
Weight <400g
Dimensions 160×90×50mm
Max Battery life 5.5 hours x2
Built-in memory 32GB
Meet the Finder FH35R V2     Fully-upgraded Image Quality The 12µm 640×512 thermal sensor is upgraded to higher thermal sensitivity, reaching an NETD of Sub 20mk. In combination with the enlarged F0.9 aperture which allows for more radiation, Finder V2 is able to capture perfect details in challenging conditions. 画板 1.png Agile and Precise LRF Finder V2 features an up to 800 meters built-in LRF with a margin of error within 1 meter. The response rate is super quick, accurate rangefinding results can be presented without lag. 画板 2.png 11 Hours Replaceable Batteries Finder V2 is equipped with two lithium-ion battery packs, which can be replaced easily even in a dark environment. The total battery life can reach up to 11 hours, and the charger supports in-vehicle charging, enjoying uninterrupted observation. 画板 3.png   Finest Body Design Finder V2 keeps the pocket-size design, IP67 waterproof & dust-proof rating, in the meantime, optimize the button material. The improved silicone button can still retain soft touch in cold temperatures. 画板 4.png More Features 画板 5.png